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Electrical equipment for metro trains:

Electrical equipment for the information display system




The set of electrical equipment for the information display system (ES IDS) is designed to be installed in the head and intermediate cars of underground electric trains to display information about the names of the end stations of the train route, the number of the train route according to the timetable, and to display in the salons of the cars information about the names of the current train arrival station, the next station along the route and various advertising information in order to create the necessary comfortable conditions for passengers.


The composition of the ES IDS for one metro train of five cars:


- end station information board;
- information board for salon;
- information board for route indicator;
- control unit;
- indication unit;
- board control panel;
- information input panel;
- mainline concentrator;
- voltage transformer (VT);
- line-cable equipment set.

The quantitative composition is set in agreement with the customer.


Technical characteristics:


input voltage range in DC mains, V: from 19 to 30 or from 55 to 90 (when using VT).


Operating conditions:


- climatic version: UHL 3.1 according to GOST 151 50-69;
- operating temperature range: -20°С ... +50°С;
- remains functional up to -40°С;
- mechanical design: group М25 according to GOST 17516.1