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Fire alarm system:



Addressable combined smoke detector




For installation in railway cars to determine the place of fire in early stages of its occurrence.



  • data exchange with FACP “Prometey-05” through the common for all detectors two-wire signal line
  • the determination of fire breaking-out on the following parameters:

- exceeding a preset threshold of specific absorbance of environment

- when ambient temperature attains static response temperature

- exceeding the rate of ambient temperature increase of preset threshold

  • output of signals CONDUCTOR CALL and UNAUTHIRIZED ENTRY to FACP when connecting call button and safety sensors
  • maintaining system performance in case of short circuit in the signal line due to the built-in insulator
  • testing their own hardware tools at the commands received from FACP
  • increasing interference immunity of the system by introducing the method of control of information transmitted through the signal line
  • fire alarm indication, prior to entering the command of removal from FACP, to facilitate the search of the triggered detector
  • implementation of the measurement mode and the transmission of values ​​of analog parameters measured by smoke and heat sensors to FACP


Agat-10 is now the first addressable combined smoke detector with a built-in isolator of the signal line, which is mass-produced in the CIS countries. The detector meets the requirements of DSTU EN54, harmonized with the European standards of the EN54 series.


Technical characteristics

  • Detector current consumption, ma: no more than 0.5
  • Detector power supply is carried out through the signal line by impulse voltage of both polarities with amplitude in the range: 8 ... 14 V
  • The sensitivity to smoke, dB / m: 0.05 ... 0.2
  • The detector’s static response temperature range, ° C: 54 ... 65
  • The detector’s response level at the rate of increase, ° C / min: 3 ± 1
  • The number of sensors in the detector, pcs. 4

- smoke sensor;

- temperature sensor;

- sensor of signal reception from normally open contacts;

- sensor of signal reception from normally closed contacts


Overall dimensions, mm: 100 х 47
Weight of the panel, kg: 0,15

The detector has been certified under the certification system Ukr SEPRO 


Operating conditions


Climatic version: UHL 3.1 (boreal climate) according to GOST 15150-69
Operating temperature range: -40 ° C... +50 ° C
The average service life is not less than 20 years




The railways of Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia