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Fire alarm system:



Input/output module




For automatic and hand operation of fire extinguishing equipment (fire-fighting automatic system), and other means of electrical control.



  • activation of fire-extinguishing modules when smoke detectors operate
  • generation of control signals to turn off auxiliary plants when  FACP receives  fire alarm


Technical characteristics


 Input/output module:

  • voltage value switched by  relay contacts, V: 24, 48, 110
  • the intensity of current switched by relay contacts, A: 3
  • the number of relay contacts: 1
  • the intensity of fritting current of execution units’ electrical circuit, ma: 3±1


Operating conditions


Climatic version: UHL 3.1 (boreal climate) according to GOST 15150-69
Operating temperature range: -40 ° C... +50 ° C
The average service life is not less than 20 years




Kryukov Railway Car Building Works (Ukraine)
Kakhovka Plant of Electric Welding Equipment (Ukraine)