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Fire alarm system:




Smoke automatic fire detector




For operation in heated and unheated premises in mobile objects of railway transport 



  • Can work round the clock (without artificially controlled climatic conditions).
  • By the principle of responding to smoke: optical, spot
  • Compatible with addressless fire alarm control devices, including “Tesla”, the production of the Czech Republic, via the two-wire loop.


Technical characteristics

  • Supply voltage, V: 18...24
  • Power consumption at 24 V supply voltage:

- in standby mode, ma: no more than 3

- in alarm mode, ma: not more than 20

  • The sensitivity of the detector to smoke, dB / m: 0.05 ... 0.2
  • Response time of the detector, sec:

- in smoke environment: no more than 5


Overall dimensions, mm: diameter 120, height 85±0,5
Weight, kg: 0,27±0,015


Operating conditions


Mean time to failure, hours: 70000 and more
The average service life is not less than 10 years




Southern Railways (Ukraine)
Pridneprovsk Railways (Ukraine)