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Fire alarm system:




Fire alarm control panel


For cars


47 K car
61-779 car 




To determine the place of alarm situation with the generation of audible and visual alarm at the triggered detector. 



  • data archiving of alarm messages with indication of the date and place of their  occurrence
  • automatic self-test, serviceability checks of the signal line and the detectors in standby mode
  • simple adaptation of the operation algorithm to the customer’s requirements  and adjustability of the system with set detectors configuration 
  • collection and processing of information received through the two-wire signal line from "Agat-01", "Agat-05" detectors 


Technical characteristics

  • Input voltage range in DC mains, V: 35...150
  • Maximum power consumption, W, no more than:

-  in standby mode -  10; 

-  in fire and failure modes -  25

  • Signal line voltage, V: 8...14
  • Current value in the signal line:

-  in standby mode - no more than 0,05; 

-  in fire mode -  no more than 0,07


The number of signal lines connected to FACP, pcs: 1

FACP provides working ability resisting the signal line (not considering resistance of a detail drawing): no more than 100 Ohms
The frequency of the automatic self-test: every hour 
The maximum number of detectors connected to FACP, pcs: 63

Weight of FACP, kg: no more than 13 ± 1
Enclosure of FACP provides the protection degree of IP21 according to GOST 14254-80


Operating conditions


Operating temperature range: -10 ° C. .. +50 ° C
Climatic version: UHL 3.1 (boreal climate) according to GOST 15150-69
The average service life is not less than 10 years




The railways of Ukraine, Lithuania, Georgia
Rail transport “PESA” (Poland)