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Fire alarm system:



Fire alarm receiver-control panel "Prometey-07"




The addressable fire alarm control panel "Prometey - 07" is intended for installation on the rolling stock of railway transport and metro cars in order to determine the place of fire occurrence and turn on automatic fire extinguishing means.




- formation and output to the signal line of voltage pulses necessary for the operation of combined fire detectors (CFD) and input-output devices (I/Od);


- receiving and processing information from CFD and I/Od, output the control commands to the I/Od to turn on automatic fire extinguishing means;


- output of an audible alarm and network indication in case of an alarming situation or malfunction, indicating the car (section) number on the display, time and place of their occurrence (fire alarm control panel of head cars only);


- receiving / transmitting messages about the occurrence of a fire hazardous situation in the car via the inter-car RS-485 signal line;


- automatic assignment of numbers to cars in the order of their location with simultaneous identification of the serial number of the car;


- transmission of information to the upper-level equipment via the RS-485 signal line (train diagnostic system);


- system configuration control, CFD and I/Od testing, setting the parameters for turning on automatic fire extinguishers;


- storage of an archive of alarm messages received from the fire alarm control panel of each car (section).


Technical characteristics

  • Input voltage range in DC mains, V: 35...150
  • Maximum power consumption, W:

    - in standby mode - no more than 10;
    - in FIRE and FAILURE modes - 25.


The number of combined fire detectors in the signal line, pcs: 63


Overall dimensions, mm: 635 х 120 х 55
Weight, kg: 8


Operating conditions


Climatic version: UHL 3.1 according to GOST 15150-69
Operating temperature range: -40°С...+50°С
The average service life is not less than 20 years