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Control unit for the parcel terminal




The parcel terminal control unit is designed to open parcel lockers by commands received from the server via the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet interface.



  • analysis and transfer to the server the state of the doors of the cells of the parcel terminal;
  • generating a signal to open the doors of the cells by commands from the server;
  • diagnostics of the state of electromechanical locks.


Technical characteristics:

  • input voltage range in DC mains, V    from 10 to 14;
  • number of controlled cells - 6 sections with 10 cells each;
  • supported protocols IP, UDP, DHCP, TCP, HTTP;


To power the control unit of the parcel terminals, the delivery set includes a power supply from a network of ~220 V, 50 Hz.


Operating conditions:

  • climatic version UHL 3.1 according to GOST 15150-69;
  • operating temperature range - from 0°С to 60°С.



  • Banks of Ukraine.