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Fire alarm system:

Remote control panel

Remote control and display panel




The remote control panel is intended for installation in the driver's cab of electric trains, diesel trains, rail buses for notification of the occurrence of fire in rolling stock cars.




- cyclic interrogation of receiving-control fire devices on the RS-485 inter-car mainline in order to determine the presence of fire hazardous situations in rolling stock cars;


- control over the reliability of information transmitted via the inter-car mainline;


- issuance of light and sound alarms in the event of a fire or malfunction indicating the number of the car and the place of its occurrence in the car;


- archiving of alarm messages indicating the car number, time and date of their occurrence according to the built-in energy-independent real-time clock readings;


- turning on and off any fire detector, as well as any sensor that is part of the detector in any rolling stock car.