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Passenger remote control with membrane panel




Passenger remote control panel is installed in the compartments of passenger trains




Provides passengers with the opportunity:

  • to control lighting in a compartment of the car with mode selection (one, two fluorescent lamps or emergency lamps)
  • to call conductor 
  • to turn on/off the alarm
  • of audible alarming, switching on emergency lighting and message transmission to the conductor , in the case of unauthorized opening of the compartment’s door 
  • to indicate when WC is occupied
  • to power electric shavers, battery chargers for mobile phones, laptops


These remote control panels have the following advantages in comparison with previously manufactured products:

  • an improved design of the control panel (membrane keyboard)
  • the functions of switch light and call of the conductor buttons lighting are introduced
  • quick fuse replacement without opening the device


Technical characteristics

  • DC supply voltage, B: 24 or 12
  • Transform output power, W: 70
  • Peak load current through enabling circuits of , A:

- fluorescent lamps,  no more than 0,5;

- emergency lamps,  no more than 0,9

  • Sound pressure of acoustic head for audio signal generation, dB

- when the alarm is triggered at the distance of 10 cm: not less than 60


Operating conditions


Climatic version: UHL 3.1 (boreal climate) according to GOST 15150-69
Operating temperature range: -10 ° C... +40 ° C
Storage temperature: -60 ° C. .. +80 ° C
Mechanical design: M25 GOST 17516.1-90
Mean time to failure, hours: 10000 and more
The average service life is not less than 25 years




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