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Electrical equipment for locomotives:

Diagnostic system

Diagnostic system for electric locomotive VL11m/6




The diagnostic system is intended for:

  • automatic control of the parameters of the technical condition of systems, components and assemblies of the mainline direct-current electric locomotives of the VL11M6 series;

  • collection, display and analysis of diagnostic information in order to identify deviations of the measured parameters from the norm;

  • organization of the operator dialogue mode with the system;

  • managing the process of displaying emergency and warning messages and current information on the video monitor;

  • registration of information in an energy-independent memory module;

  • formation of emergency and warning light and sound signals.




  • Block of discrete reports;

  • Block of analog reports;

  • Block of analog reports 2;

  • Information display block "SАPFIR";

  • Armature current sensors;

  • Excitation current sensors;

  • Battery current sensors;

  • Battery voltage sensors;

  • Contact network voltage sensors;

  • Cable set.


Technical characteristics


  • Input voltage range in DC mains - from 50 to 100 V;

  • TFT display with a diagonal screen size of 12.1 inches;

  • on-board computer with a processor clock speed of 800 MHz;

  • 3 serial CAN ports with galvanic isolation;

  • 1 serial RS-485 port with galvanic isolation;

  • 1 serial Ethernet port;

  • 1 serial USB port;

  • the number of discrete inputs - 64;

  • the number of discrete relay outputs - 64;

  • the number of channels for measuring current and voltage parameters - 8;

  • number of channels for measuring the outputs of resistance thermo-transducers - 40;


Operating conditions


  • Climatic version U.1 according to GOST 15150-69;

  • Operating temperature range -50 ºС... +40 ºС;

  • Mechanical design: group М25 according to GOST 17516.1-90Е;

  • The average service life is not less than 28 years.




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