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Control and diagnostics systems:

ACSP (Automated control system panel) set


Automated control and diagnostics system for industrial air conditioners.


Operating mode:

  • automatic (basic)
  • manual - in setup mode


The system includes:

  • Control panel
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics device (MDD)
  • Remote control panel


Control panel:

  • Display on the system status at the current temperature of cooled air.
  • At the request it displays air temperature, according to which conditioner turns on and off, and inlet water temperature of the conditioner.
  • Continuous archiving of emergencies, operative readjustments and conditioner operating hours.


Remote monitoring and diagnostics device:

  • MDD has an LCD display, which displays text information and programmed values ​​(settings) of the system, archived information.
  • The device power supply in the programming mode and archive view mode is carried out from the control panel. In independent mode - from stabilized power supply included in the delivery set
  • MDD has the display illumination.


Remote control panel:

  • The remote control panel is used to turn on / off air conditioner and light signaling of the presence of power supply on the control panel.
  • There is the preparation / operation indicator on the remote control panel which signals the air conditioner operating mode.


Controlled variables:

  • temperature of the cooled air
  • inlet water temperature of the conditioner
  • compressor's motor winding temperature
  • discharge pressure
  • suction pressure
  • the difference between suction and discharge pressure
  • temperature sensors status (discontinuity and short circuit)
  • status of control relays, motor current protection and circuit breakers
  • supply mains phase lose monitoring
  • time slots formation and monitoring


Technical characteristics

  • Power consumption, W: not more than 50
  • Supply voltage, V: 380 V, 50 Hz three-phase mains
  • Temperature range, ° C: 0 ... +75


Overall dimensions: control panel: 200 x 400 x 600
Weight, kg: less than 40


Enclosure protection: IP55


Operating conditions


Operating temperature range: 0 °С ...+50 °С




Melitopol factory of refrigerating mechanical engineering (Ukraine)